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Road Warrior

I am a road warrior.

There are many out there like me.

I sleep in a hotel for much of the year. A different hotel every month; every week; every night.

I eat in delicious restaurants that the TV shows will never find. I eat rubbery hotel eggs floating in water.

I travel for miles, navigating the roads, the trains, and the airports to reach my destination on time and safely.

I live out of my car; truck; carry-on. My daily life must fit inside 22 inches.

Half my meals are eaten standing up—half of those while rushing to get somewhere important to me, my boss, or my client.

I have watched my children grow up via webcam.

It is my job to meet for the first time and impress a person; a handful; a dozen; hundreds at a time. This is difficult on 3 hours sleep. I subsist on energy drinks, energy shots, or coffee.

I know more about the TSA’s screening procedures than half of the TSA officers I come into contact with. I want to shout, “you’re doing it wrong!”
But this is the last leg on my trip back home…

I am a road warrior.

There are many like me.

(Written between 2010 and 2014)